Caffeine Tablets: Are they safe?

Short Answer: Yes they are, but according to the NHS, when taken in moderation. We have created this short guide to give you a good idea on caffeine tablets in general as well as more information on some we recommend.

First off, not many people truly understand what caffeine is.

What does caffeine actually do?

In short, caffeine is a supplement that helps keep you more awake and focused by delaying the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, while stimulating parts of your brain, improving general performance. In some instances, it may be able to help with weight loss.

How much caffeine is in Caffeine Tablets?

For those people who do not consume caffeine in the form of cola, coffee, or tea, caffeine tablets are a good substitute. The amount of caffeine in one tablet or pill often varies between suppliers and manufacturers.

For this reason, we created a table that includes the amount of caffeine in each tablet of the most popular brands, in milligrams.

BrandCaffeine (mg)Where to buy?
ProPlus50 Check price
myvitamins200 Check price
Bulk Powders200 Check price
Deluxe Nutrition200 Check price
MyProtein200 Check price

A regular cup of coffee has approximately 120-145mg of caffeine, instant coffee has about 80-90mg, you get the idea. The amount of caffeine does vary depending on the source.

It is important to note that the amount of caffeine in a caffeine tablet is based on the use. For example, with the ProPlus Caffeine Tablets these are generally to stay awake whereas the rest that are 200mg are used by bodybuilders to improve their workout which brings us to the next topic.

Usage of Caffeine Tablets

The rise of caffeine tablets as a substitute to traditional forms of caffeine has been quite prevalent nowadays. They are easier and quicker to consume, and don’t have the same bitter taste that you get with traditional drinks like Coffee – nor the preparation time!

Caffeine Tablets are used by many different types of people for many different types of tasks. These can include:

    • Body Builders
    • Students (doing those crazy all-nighters’)
    • Truck and other long distance Drivers
    • Pilots
    • Athletes
    • Teachers
    • Pilots
    • Security
    • Bouncers
    • Fitness Fanatics

The list goes on and on.

Generally, where any kind of focus is required caffeine tablets can be very useful. If you are driving long distances or lifting heavy weights, you cannot afford to lose focus otherwise it could lead to a serious accident.

How many Caffeine Tablets can I take?

The standard advised dosage (for fully grown adults) by the NHS is approximately 200 to 400 milligrams per day. This dosage is about the amount of five cans of cola or two to three cups of coffee.

However, this does not apply for everyone because the amount everyone has a different genetic background, body makeup and so on. And of course, the amount will vary for small children and pregnant women.

Try not consume more than the recommended daily amount of caffeine (unless recommended by a Doctor) or you could get addicted and suffer from some negative side effects. Make sure to be responsible with your intake and know your limits.

If you have any concerns be sure to consult your doctor!

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