Caffeine Anhydrous, what is it?

You may be familiar with caffeine but not caffeine anhydrous. While caffeine can be found in food and drink, anhydrous caffeine is a form of dehydrated caffeine.

Caffeine Anhydrous

The following are the significant differences between the two.

The Amount of H2O in Caffeine Anhydrous vs Caffeine

One difference of caffeine from caffeine anhydrous is the amount of water present in the molecules. At 0.5%, it has practically no water present. Anhydrous literally means “without water”, making it stronger than caffeine and much more pure. As for caffeine, it is the type that everyone is more familiar with because most products, like coffee, make use of it.

From General to Specific

Caffeine anhydrous is a form of caffeine. It is “highly concentrated caffeine”, which is used mostly by athletes and people who want to lose weight. It is simply “dehydrated caffeine”. Since it is more concentrated, it produces a stronger and higher effect than caffeine. In short, caffeine is the general type while the anhydrous caffeine is a specific form. Though in short, anhydrous caffeine comes from caffeine.

Where They Are Used

Another point of comparison between caffeine and the anhydrous version is where they are used or what products you’d usually find them in. For caffeine, it is mostly found in coffee beverages, tea, and chocolate bars. As for the anhydrous, you may find it in caffeine pills, tablets or powder form. This form of caffeine is usually used for medical purposes, medication and supplements.

The Substance and the Product

To better understand the difference between the two, try imagining a mango fruit. When the fruit has just been picked from the tree, it is only fruit in its usual form. But, when the fruit is squeezed to get the juice or make powdered juice, the mango changes into another form.

This process is the same with caffeine and the anhydrous one. Caffeine is the natural substance. It is the ingredient which is taken from the seeds or leaves of coffee plants. As for caffeine anhydrous, you could consider it as the processed version of caffeine. The caffeine in coffee plants is taken and is dried to remove water content. The caffeine turns into anhydrous.

In a sense, you can say that caffeine is the substance or the original material. While caffeine anhydrous is the product which is the effect of removing the water content from the extracted caffeine.

In reality, caffeine and the anhydrous one are very similar to each other. They are basically the same thing.


There you go, a list of differences between caffeine and the anhydrous one. Hopefully, knowing these differences will help you in choosing the right one for your needs. Consumption of these two has both good and bad effects on a person’s body.

Keep in mind that you should only consume a moderate amount of caffeine or the anhydrous one on a daily basis. Take only what your body can tolerate, especially if your purpose for using caffeine and caffeine anhydrous is to strengthen your body for sports or to avoid getting sleepy when doing your work or assignments.

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